From: International Franchise Association.
5 Reason to Buy a Franchise in 2013

1. Credit is loosening.

Franchising is doing better than most industries because it a proven business model with 40% growth over the past decade, while
also offering aspiring and existing entrepreneurs an opportunity to control their own destiny in a still challenging job market.

2. More ways to finance a franchise.
Besides bank loans, other avenues to get financing are being created, including borrowing against equity in your home at all-time lows and rolling over 401(k) investments into a business without penalty.

3. Commercial space is available.
Given low interest rates and market space available, it's a buyer's market not only on residential homes but commercial leases as well.

4. Franchisors are helping with initial and ongoing expenses.
These days, with credit so tight, franchisors are making it more affordable and offering more support to own a franchise.

5. Plenty of talent to hire

Given the state of unemployment, it's a great time to hire talent. Franchisees can pick up some well-qualified workers who may
not have been available otherwise.

Why buy a Franchise Business?

1.  You’re investing in an idea that’s already proven to be successful.

2.  The business model has already been formulated and proven to work.

3.  The support network is already in place.

4.  Your chances of obtaining necessary financing are greatly improved.

5.  Franchises are much less likely to fail versus independent businesses.

The questions are endless, and that is where Own Franchises can help you.   Our role is to help you analyze your lifestyle, financial and business requirements, and then help you focus in a few opportunities that best fit them.  Then, we will help you present your qualifications to the franchises that you have an interest.  With our vast knowledge of franchising, we will help you choose the franchise the best for you and your family.

Own Franchises does not charge you for our services.  There is absolutely no obligation that you buy a franchise that we present to you.  After going through the evaluation and qualification process together, we will present you as a qualified prospective buyer to the franchises that you have chosen.  If you purchase one of these franchises, the franchisor will pay us for finding a qualified buyer.  Federal Trade Commission law dictates that the franchisor must charge you the same whether you go through us or directly to them. 

There are other reasons you should utilize the services of Own Franchises instead of going direct to the franchisor. 

  • We will educate you in the intricacies of franchising. 
  • The franchisor will tell you the advantages of their franchise, but we will also identify any disadvantages that should be considered.
  • The franchisor will tell you how great their franchise is, but we will help you identify the franchisors competitors that may be even better.

The right place at the right time!
Entrepreneurs enjoy the many benefits franchises offer - as many aspiring business owners search for a profitable business,
they are being met with proven opportunities in an industry that shows no signs of a slowdown! 

Franchising offers success, with the least amount of risk, to hopeful business owners.  Risk is always a big factor.  Franchise owners find confidence in the fact that their new business comes complete with everything needed to succeed.  With ongoing franchisor support and training to varied levels of investment to fit all budgets, the industry has grown right along with it profits.


    Gary Wofford is a licensed franchise consultant who provides professional services to people seeking franchise business ownership.


    May 2013
    July 2012